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  This transportation service is offered to both individuals and businesses as an alternate solution to Driving Under the Influence (DUI).

DD Connection is a safe, courteous, and reliable service that drives BOTH you and your vehicle to the destination of your choice. Research has shown that the primary reason people drive home while intoxicated is because they do not want to leave their vehicle behind. Our new Designated Driver service combines the convenience of a taxi with the reassurance that you and your vehicle will get home safely.
With DD Connection you no longer have to choose between the dangers of driving while impaired or the inconvenience of leaving your car in a parking lot overnight.

Our mission is to assist the community in lowering the number of
alcohol-related traffic accidents by offering an alternative transportation
option to driving while impaired.

Just call (888) 6-RIDESAFE and our professional Designated Drivers will arrive at
your location and drive you home safely - ALONG WITH YOUR VEHICLE.

1. Call: 888-6-RIDESAFE (888-674-3372)
(Please include your name, location, pickup time, and account number if applicable)

2. Our uniformed DD Connection drivers will be dispatched to your location.
(Drivers will place a courtesy call alerting you of their pending arrival)

3. The drivers will drive you and your vehicle to your desired location.
(Payment is collected when arriving at your destination)

*All drivers have been thoroughly screened, pre-qualified, and have clean driving records.

This service is available twenty-four hours a day seven days a week throughout the Atlanta area. We provide this service for individuals, corporate functions, private parties, weddings, or any other social gathering that may need the assistance of a Designated Driver.

Our Designated Driver Service typically costs about the same or even less than a round-trip cab ride - without leaving your vehicle behind.

Schedule a pickup: Call: 888-6-RIDESAFE (888-674-3372)
(Please include your name, location, pickup time, and account number if applicable)
Risks of driving under the influence:
• Damage to your vehicle
• Going to jail, loss of driving privileges and serious fines
• Loss of your job along with financial hardships
• Auto Insurance rate increases
• Humiliation for you and your family
• Future employment rejections and/or insurance policies
• Physical injury to yourself, passengers and others
• Loss of your life and/or the lives of innocent bystanders.
Benefits of using DD Connection:
• Gets you and your vehicle home safely
• Professional, courteous and safe uniformed drivers
• For individuals, corporate functions, private parties & social gatherings
• Provides inexpensive, safe alternative to driving while impaired.
Businesses/Events that would benefit by using DD Connection:
• Corporate and business outings, parties, picnics and social gatherings
• Banquets, private parties and receptions
• Wedding Planners
• Fraternal and Social Clubs
• Concert Halls and Clubs
• Convention Planners
Delivery options and special services

We are a leading provider of same-day transportation, delivery and distribution services. Courier Connection offers a wide range of courier, freight and warehousing services. Our customers range from small business owners to Fortune 500 companies. Whatever your delivery needs may be, we
can handle the job.